Mind Body Workshop

There's Always an Alternative! - Alternative responses to questions of health
Minding the Body Zone - Sunday 14th May

A Healer, trained in Aromatherapy, Craniosacral therapy and Reiki, I aim to provide an opportunity for Jewish women to explore what it means to them to combine the use of orthodox and complementary medicine in the care of themselves and their families.

After twelve years painting theatre scenery, I retrained in complementary medicine as a result of personally experiencing such therapies and having been let down by orthodox doctors during a period of chronic ill health.

For seven years I ran a practice from home seeing patients suffering from a wide variety of symptoms. I now manage the Eden Medical Centre in Chelsea, a multi-disciplinary clinic of sixteen practitioners from across the orthodox and complementary spheres. I take great interest in the interface between orthodox and complementary practices, believing it to be the way forward in health today. Sharon Seager

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