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The Jewish Women's Network in the UK was launched in 1993. The JWN is a resource for Jewish women across the spectrum who wish to improve and enhance the status of women in Jewish life through action, dialogue and learning.

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NEW Celebrating Jewish Women: May 2006
Wednesdays 10th, 17th & 24th  May at 6.30- 8.30pm

How often do we celebrate ourselves, as Jewish women?

JWN is setting up a series of three evenings in London to do just that: with the help of artists, writers and activists from England & Israel.

Come celebrate with us in May - all women welcome.
For further details contact us or view further information online.

Bereavement Booklet

"I read the booklet on the web and found it interesting and informative, and also thought the personal stories were really touching. The stories in particular I feel could help women to express their own feelings and views more readily. Many thanks."

Reclaiming Mikveh

Following on the success of our first publication: 'Bereavement Booklet for Jewish Women', our Mikveh Monologues workshop at Limmud 2001, and our "Mikveh Mania" workshop at Limmud 2002, we are working on a new project about past, present and future use and attitudes to Mikveh.

Workshop Guidelines

Guidelines for running workshops or discussion groups for women, across the community spectrum.

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